When The Choir Starts This Famous Tune This 4-Year-Old Grabs The Mic–His Performance Is UNFORGETTABLE!

Every person has a light inside that’s waiting to shine through! Even the smallest of humans can cast a brightness onto the world that makes us smile, laugh, cheer, and feel utterly amazing about life.

That’s the type of beaming happiness you’ll feel when you hear 4-year-old Caleb Tyler Serrano sing his heart out. When the toddler took the mic at his church’s Sunday congregation, the audience was absolutely STUNNED to hear the little man belt out a POWERFUL rendition¬†of “This Little Light of Mine.”

The backup choir was so moved by his onstage charisma–clapping, stomping, and dancing around the altar–that they quickly joined in the celebration!

There’s little doubt that the offers will come pouring in for Caleb to join singing groups and competitions and we can’t wait to CHEER him on! But, even if Caleb chooses to sing at church, instead of a world stage, he’ll be a beckon of hope and happiness that inspires dozens!

WATCH¬†Caleb’s full performance below and SHARE with friends you wish to inspire to shine!