Devoted Mom Donates 2 Organs To Save Her Son After A Year On Transplant List

One mother in Ireland is determined to make 2017 her and her son’s year by any means necessary.

Sarah Lamont’s 4-year-old son Joe was born with a rare condition called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease which forced him to have his kidneys removed, leaving him dependent on constant dialysis ever since.

The Independent

In addition to his rare kidney disease, Joe has also developed advanced liver disease, which without a transplant, could potentially be life-threatening to the young boy. “In June, Joe had been on the transplant list for over a year and there was no sign of him getting a call,” Sarah told the Independent.

That’s when the strong-willed mom knew she didn’t want to have to wait any longer for her son to get better. The 36-year-old decided that she would donate one of her own kidneys as well as part of her liver to save her little boy.

The Independent
The Independent

Sarah is scheduled to undergo the liver transplant on January 25th at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, with the kidney transplant following months after once she and Joe are both healed.

While the mother-son pair has a long road to recovery ahead of them, Sarah and Joe are staying optimistic. “I said to him the other night ‘this is going to be your year Joe’ and he got excited and said to me ‘I’m getting a new liver and a new kidney!’.”