Louisiana Rescuers Save Hundreds Of Pets From Treacherous Floodwaters

The past 48 hours in Lousiana have been devastating. Pelting rain and torrential floods have left 10 people dead and rescuers responding to the calls of more than 20,000 people and 600 animals.

But thanks to the heroic efforts of the Lousiana Animal Response Team, many are being saved.

“What our guys do is very heroic–they are going into these neighborhoods, the terrain is very treacherous, they work throughout the night,” organization reps told Fox News.

While residents have tried their hardest to protect pets during the storm, some rescues are more difficult than others. Horses, for instance, have also been left stranded by the deep waters.


The incredible response by animal rescuers is not just by the Lousiana Animal Response Team, other organizations are working to help animals as well.

Denham Springs Animal Shelter in New Orleans is assisting animals and people who were not able to evacuate the city to higher ground and providing them with food.


Even residents who were struggling to escape put their fur babies first when leaving town. Diane Andrews, from Baton Rouge, rounded up her five dogs before evacuating.

“My trailer sits three feet off the ground and [water] was inside in no time,” she says. “I flipped by kitchen table upside down and put my dogs on it. They were floating on it as high as I could hold it.”

Local farmers are also doing their best to save their herds from the flood.


If you want to help support these rescue efforts make a donation here. Local residents are encouraged to foster displaced animals and/or drop off supplies at donation sites throughout the state.