Meet The 91-Year-Old Cancer Patient Who’s Spending His Golden Years Knitting Hats For The Homeless

While most people at the old age of 91 find joy in relaxation and telling their grandchildren long tales of their fulfilling lives, Morrie Boogart spends his time making sure the less fortunate are kept warm in the chilling Michigan weather.

Morrie - Smiling

Though Morrie has fallen bedridden as a hospice patient with skin cancer and a kidney mass, he doesn’t let any illness or fatigue stop him from knitting hats for the homeless. And the hobby is nothing new nothing – Morrie’s been knitting hats for more than 15 years and stopped counting once he reached 8,000 of them.

“Why do I do it? It just makes me feel good,” he told WXMI.

Morrie - Knitting

Even at 91, he’s still passionate about his project and manages to knit a hat every two days. And he doesn’t waste any time either – Morrie knits until he falls asleep.

Morrie - More Hats

Each hand-made hat is donated to shelters around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and the hospice facility, Cambridge Manor in Grandville, Michigan, is currently accepting yarn donations so Morrie can keep up with his thoughtful work.

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