Student Wearing Shoes 3 Sizes Too Small Surprised By Classmates With Two New Pairs

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of wearing a pair of shoes that were too small for your feet, imagine wearing a set that were¬†actually three sizes¬†less than they should be.

For J.R. Gilbert, a special needs sophomore at Somerset High School in Somerset, Wisconsin, that was the sad reality.

So, when J.R. confided in a classmate that he was squeezing into a pair of his grandfather’s boots that were a size 10 and he actually wore a size 13, the whole school came together to pick up the teen a new pair of kicks.

The junior year student that J.R. confided in started a school-wide donation drive which raised enough funds to surprise the sophomore with not one, but two pairs of shoes!

The crowd of students gathered around J.R. right before Christmas, presenting him a wrapped box containing two brand new pairs of Nikes, and his reaction was priceless.