This Bride Ditched The Traditional Bachelorette Party To Help Women In Need Instead

For many brides, the bachelorette party isn’t exactly a night that they end up remembering very well. And, for newly-wed Jessika Baldwin, she opted for a less conventional way to celebrate her upcoming big day.

The 31-year-old Darlington, PA native decided that in addition to her closest girlfriends, she also wanted to invite a few ladies from a local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania women’s shelter to her last hoorah.

photo: Jessika Baldwin

“I was in a tough place in my life before, and I remember wishing for someone to just pick me up, take me out and just make me feel good. I really wanted to lift the spirits of some women who are in difficult situations and treat them for a day,” Jessika told Revelist.

When she learned that her friends and family were on board with the idea, Jessika reached out to the women at the shelter extending an invite to those who felt comfortable and emailed some local salons and restaurants asking if they would like to help.

The bachelorette party started with a meet up at Starbucks for coffee, and then a three-hour salon session where the ladies had their hair washed, cut and styled, and received manicures–which was all donated by the salon. Then the group had lunch, went on a shopping spree, posed for a photo shoot, and finished the evening off with a nice dinner–which was paid in full by the restaurant.

In addition, Jessika’s friends all brought snacks and drinks and pitched in money for the women’s new clothes.

photo: Jessika Baldwin

Jessica’s bachelorette party went better than she ever could’ve expected, and is hoping that her story will encourage others to give back, too.

“And remember, you don’t have to be getting married to help others,” she said. “This was just the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in my life.”