This Former Foster Kid Helps Move Underprivileged Students Move Into College

In a recently released ad from Kleenex, John Hunt Jr., a graduate of California State University, Fresno, returns to campus to welcome students who are moving in by themselves due to homelessness or foster care.

Hunt experienced the foster system firsthand, and in the sentimental commercial, he explains how he was alone for his college move-in day because his guardians were actually in prison at the time.

“Moving into the dorms and unpacking all my stuff alone and seeing other people with their families ― it was tough for me because I would’ve loved to have my family there,” Hunt says while fighting back tears. “So that day, I vowed that I would help prevent people from having to move into the dorms alone.”

The commercial features the Renaissance Scholars, a support program that Hunt works for, greeting students in a room filled with essential college supplies.

Throughout the video, the students are clearly emotional and appreciative as they accept their college care baskets–which included blankets, notebooks, toiletries, and other necessary items.

Hunt explains that freshman move-in day is so important for these students because their college dorm serves as the “first home that some of them have had.”

What an incredible surprise on their first day of college!