Toddler Dressed As Lion Is Amazed After Meeting One

Remember how amazing it was to visit all of the animals at the zoo as a child? Now, just imagine being dressed as one and coming face-to-face with the animal in real life. It would blow your mind, right? Well, for adorable 11-month-old Aryeh that’s exactly what happened.

When Aryeh’s godparents decided to take the infant for a trip to the Atlanta Zoo, the infant’s mother packed his lion costume since the name Aryeh translates to “lion” in Hebrew.

So, when Aryeh met with the real-life version of his costume through the exhibit’s glass, he could hardly contain his excitement. In the video, both the infant and the lion press their “paws” to each other against the glass.

“What is that Aryeh? It’s a big you!” exclaimed a woman filming the interaction. Soon, all of the lions in the exhibit were interested in meeting their cub and cautiously approached the glass. After filming the short video, the godparents snapped some photos and moved along to the other zoo exhibits.

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